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    Arise, My Amazing Boy

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    “In a series of short stories with young boy protagonists, Sommer provides familiar scenarios for kids with positive and potentially motivational outcomes…Tales that offer opportunities for big discussions of friendship, bullying, self-confidence, and empathy.” Kirkus Reviews

    “Engaging chapter book of inspiring stories and a handy guide on modern boyhood that teaches whilst it entertains… Delightful.” —K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

    “I believe this book will be a shining light in the children’s genre for boy empowerment. A class we often see for girls that can be lacking for boys. Arise, My Amazing Boy is a book recommend to any kid but especially a must for boys!” —Ashley Booth, Homeschooling Mom of Five

    “Arise, My Amazing Boy is a spectacular book that leads kids on the road to self-discovery… will appeal strongly to children in school struggling with their own self-worth and will help children of all ages to look at themselves differently.” —Kaylee Haynes, Elementary School Teacher

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    The Worst Team Ever

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    “Mateo Sommer has crafted a truly heartwarming and engaging read… Young readers will find it easy to form a deep connection with Noah and Daniel, empathizing with their hopes and struggles thanks to some brilliant speech and thought presentation.” — Readers’ Favorite

    “It is an empowering book of acceptance and perseverance that will have kids feeling like they are the ones the story is about.” — Kaylee Haynes, Elementary School Teacher