Horses, My Beginnings

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“This book does a great job of dealing with big emotions and topics in a fun and relatable way. The lessons that Avril learns will open your heart and teach you some life lessons as well!”—Kaylee Haynes, Elementary School Teacher

“Sophia A. Ritter really puts heart and soul into this heartwarming adventure that transported me into Avril’s world of equestrian excitement and personal growth.” —Readers’ Favorite

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About the author

Sophia Anna Ritter
Sophia A. Ritter, an author with Spanish roots, writes contemporary children's books that teach valuable lessons and boost self-esteem. A mother and freelance accountant, she…
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Turn every challenge into a chance to ride higher!

Avril used to explore adventures only in her books, but everything changes when she falls in love with horses! Now, every gallop and jump is a real-life adventure that’s just as thrilling as the stories she reads.

Jump into a tale where each hurdle teaches Avril about the surprising strength inside her and the joy of steering her own path. It’s about more than just winning ribbons; it’s about enjoying the ride, picking yourself up after a tumble, and having friends to cheer you on.

Can Avril and her four-legged buddy leap over the big challenges that come their way? Armed with a brave heart and the wind blowing through her hair, she’s ready to give it her all. Put on your helmet and hold tight to your dreams—this is an adventure you won’t want to miss!


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