Enchanted Beasts

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What do a purple dragon with an allergy to lies, fairies that cause mayhem at middle school, and a boy who comes *this close* to drinking down a goblin potion all have in common?

They are all enchanting characters and creatures you will meet in the pages of this storybook!

The delightful mix of quirky characters, highly-relatable human problems, and, of course, Eric the grumpy gnome, combine to create the perfect book to help children navigate their way through the ups and downs of modern living – and it does it so subtly that they won’t even realize they’ve been learning.

The first volume of Enchanted Beasts is packed with delight, charm, anxiety, and relief as Eric the grumpy gnome returns to the human world to complete a rather unexpected task…

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About the author

Emma Meyer
Emma Meyer writes stories that teach valuable lessons, boost children’s self-assurance and build their inner strength. She is also a freelance editor who works remotely…
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A purple dragon, mischievous middle-school fairies, and a close call with a goblin potion?

Step into Eric the grumpy Gnome’s world, where quirky characters and relatable dilemmas help children to navigate modern life, subtly learning along the way.

Eric the grumpy gnome is not having a good day. You wouldn’t either if you’d accidentally opened a portal that let hundreds of faefolk and magical creatures into the human world!

Now Eric has to get them all back before they cause any trouble. But that’s not his only problem. The Queen of Faerie has given him another task: to make humans believe in magic again!

Join Eric on his vibrant journey, witnessing him persuading a reluctant dragon, assisting a giant in pursuing her dream, and encouraging a revered griffin to return to its realm. Throughout his journey, Eric becomes a guiding light for boys and girls, unraveling essential life lessons through every story, helping them navigate their unique challenges.

This chapter book is a collection of enchanting shorts stories that will delight and inspire 6 –7– 8 – 9-year-old boys and girls. Enchanted Beasts is more than just a fun, exciting adventure. It is also a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and moral values children can apply to their own lives. It’s a perfect choice for parents and teachers determined to encourage children to read more and to develop good character traits. If you love classic fairy tales with a modern twist, you will love Eric the grumpy gnome!


“Is a fun, fast-paced, heartwarming story with meaningful lessons and lovable characters.” — Mary Kimball, Teacher

“Easy to read and understand, the lessons of each chapter are written explicitly for children growing up in the twenty-first century. “ —Readers’ Favorite




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2 reviews for Enchanted Beasts

  1. Mary

    Enchanted Beasts by Emma Meyer is a humorous, adventure-filled novel perfect for young fantasy enthusiasts. When the Queen of Faeholme tasks Eric the Gnome with restoring humanity’s belief in magic, the reluctant hero is forced to abandon his quiet existence in the land of fairies and dragons to face the chaos of the human world. Things quickly go awry for Eric when legions of fairies, brownies, goblins, and a stray unicorn or two slip through the portal to the human world. An exasperated Eric now has the impossible challenge of rounding up all the Faefolk before they overrun humanity.

    In this short novel, young readers will learn valuable life lessons about honesty, time management, companionship, bravery, and holding onto hope when the going gets tough. Children will undoubtedly enjoy the stories about the attention-seeking unicorn who teams up with an influencer, the giant who fulfills her dream of being a cat lady by “adopting” the zoo’s lions and tigers, and the vegetarian dragon who is allergic to lies.

    Some parts of the novel could use more description and plot development. As I read, I questioned why Eric the Gnome was so concerned with getting the Faefolk back to their world without humans catching wise to the magical intruders. Considering his job was to restore humanity’s belief in magic, this seemed like a strange move for Eric. Regardless of potential plot holes, Enchanted Beasts is a fun, fast-paced, heartwarming story with meaningful lessons and lovable characters. I recommend this novel for 8-10-year-olds who are ready to read chapter books independently or as a read-aloud for younger readers. — Mary Kimball, Teacher 4.5/5 Stars

  2. Readers’ Favorite

    Enchanted Beasts, a children’s book written by Emma Meyer and illustrated by Nadiia Maksemets, is really ‘unbelievable tales for children that teach valuable lessons.’ The story begins with a gnome named Eric, who the Queen of Faeholme is coming to visit. The Queen has noticed that the human world’s belief was at an alltime low. Eric’s duty was to ensure that the humans kept up their beliefs, but he had neglected his duty for years due to unfortunate events on his previous visits. When Eric realizes his neglect has led to diminishing human belief, he immediately sets out to the human world to set this right. Unfortunately, his journey isn’t without serious mishaps. But Eric and the humans learn a few valuable lessons along the way.

    A story with gnomes, faeries, goblins, and even a griffin, Enchanted Beasts by Emma Meyer was a treat to read. Easy to read and understand, the lessons of each chapter are written explicitly for children growing up in the twenty-first century. The author tackles issues about bullying and poverty, ensuring that every child will learn something. Beautifully illustrated via pictures of every important scene, young readers, I believe, will enjoy the images as much as I did when reading this lovely children’s book. Nadiia Maksemets outdid herself in the skill with which she illustrated this book. There is even the option to download a free audiobook of Enchanted Beasts which, in my opinion, means there’s no reason not to get this adventurous children’s book. — Antoinette Wessels for Readers’ Favorite 5/5 Stars

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